Thursday, 1 October 2009


Today I left early from work to be able some other work at home. I was waiting for the bus when a car stopped next to me. The car looked expensive, the driver – a man in his fifties – too.
The man: “Do you know the way around here?”
Me: “Very little. What are you looking for?”
The man named a street.
Me: “I am sorry, I don’t know where it is.”
The man: “I thought somebody who mastered the language so well, would be likely to know the way here too. Where are you from originally?”
Me: “I am from Ukraine.”
The man: “Your Dutch is very very good! I think it’s extremely difficult for someone with a Slavic language as mother tongue to learn Dutch so well.”
Me: “No, not at all. Dutch is a very easy language. Bu thanks for the compliment.”
The man: “Do you work here? What kind of work do you do?”
Me: “I am a business consultant.”
The man: “Me too, I am a fiscal law consultant. You are very beautiful. How old are you? Let me take a guess. 28?”
Me: “It’s seven years too little. I am 35. Thank you.”
The man: “That’s awesome, isn’t it? Do you live somewhere in the neighbourhood?”
Me: “No, I live far away from here.”
The man: “If you lived in the neighbourhood, I could have offered you a lift home. Do you need to be at the Utrecht Central Station?”
Me: “Yes, but I prefer to take the bus.”
The man: “I don’t mind bringing you there!”
Me: “I know. No, thank you.”
The man: “Good bye.”
I wonder what would happen if I stepped into his car.

A conversation I had not long ago: “How old are you?” ”Too old.” “Too old for what?” “I am 51.” “Too old for what?” “Nothing. I am still perfectly capable of everything.” Men! ;)

A chat with Jeroen today: Jeroen: “My status is about my presentation for my course next Friday.” Me: “OK. I am going to sleep now. Talk to you later.” Jeroen: “You are going to bed at 16:00?!” Me: “Yes. Long story.” Jeroen: “What is his name?” :)

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