Friday, 2 October 2009


John has moved to a fancy design apartment last week. The pictures looked great, I wonder whether the reality is as great as the pictures. I am going to check that out tonight. Brussels, here I come! Cuba party, cooking, shopping, housewarming party, another party (?). I won’t get bored during this weekend in Brussels. I just need to make sure I have some energy left for the dance lesson on Sunday. Oh, and just to break all the privacy laws and norms: Jeroen will join me in Brussels tomorrow. ;)

And if we are talking about design anyway – I want these for my birthday! (all of them!) -->


  1. sugar! make ur party swing the bossa screwanova way! click on my murdochslum john donnes.. sing a k day karol.. pass it on to friends.. i need some appearannce of foreign following (halfhearted or fake it doesnt matter)..

    arnon's a nice guy but he has european proprieties..

    texans throw their love and appreciation in a grossly arriviste fashion..

    and if there were real return i favor the mance lipscomb solution: if you sell something of you keep half...

  2. there's a mine missing twixt something n of

  3. some of them would fit nicely indeed :)


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