Monday, 26 October 2009

I love this country!

Tip•pel•zo•ne [Dutch] - (part of) public road where street prostitution is allowed.

I take a bus in order to get from work to Utrecht Central Station. I cannot read on the way, so I usually listen to music and watch people. Same people take the same bus at the same time every day. I know where they get in, what they wear, where they like to sit and how they pass their time while on the bus. When I don’t feel like watching people I sleep or look out of the window. Today I looked out of the window and suddenly noticed something I didn’t see before – a yellow road sign.
I couldn’t make a photo of it, so here’s a sketch. It looked approximately like this -->
This is Netherlands in a nutshell: accepting things as they are and organising them, so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible. I love this country!

P.S. I would like to thank everyone for the moral and financial support and all the warm words with regard to the death of my shoes. Special thanks to everyone who showed up for the funeral early this morning. Your gesture is greatly appreciated.

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