Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Yesterday Arnon (oops, I’ll have to go shopping again to preserve the balance!) blogged about cat cloning. And I thought: since we clone anyway, why not clone popular people? For instance a woman whom many men admire could be cloned so more men could enjoy her company. If we clone popular people the ratio popular versus unpopular will change in favour of popular people. Will we help evolution this way?

Public transportation personnel of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam planned a strike for tomorrow. Luckily it was forbidden by a court decision. It’s going to rain tomorrow and I have some activities downtown.

Still in dancing mood: Club des Belugas – What is Jazz (Tape Five Remix)


  1. Cloning people means less diversity, which is never good for evolution. Just ask any biologist.
    I wonder how much a clone resemble the original, since a 'personality' is also influenced by experience.

    Have fun shopping!

  2. Don't we have enough diversity already? We just have to travel and mix more.


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