Tuesday, 6 October 2009


During one of my first visits to the Netherlands John took me to the Efteling. We went by bike from his parents. After some forty minutes  biking he pointed at a building and said: “This is my school. I know the way by heart because I rode my bike here and back five times a week for several years.” “How did you go when it was raining?”, - I asked. “I was biking. Rain or no rain.” At that point I thought that Dutch parents are very cruel to their children if they make them bike to school forty minutes one way in any weather. I still cannot imagine I could do this to my child. I thought about this today when I had to bike home twenty minutes in the rain from The Hague Central Station. I had a raincoat on which would have protected me from getting soaking wet if I haven’t fell from my bike because the wheels slipped on the smooth tiles in front of the Municipality. Fortunately I have reacted very fast and haven’t hurt myself, but I didn’t enjoy the experience.

I went to a ballroom lesson today again. It’s very inspiring. Here’s a high level cha-cha-cha. Just let me be clear: this is not my ambition.


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