Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ukraine Day

“I am sorry, I missed the bus. I’ll be there 15 minutes later.” “Finally I get to kiss you!” “Where are the models?” “Shall we move the chairs to the other side and put some tables here?” “I am sorry, I forgot to make you a badge.” “Nice shoes!” “Does Luc van den Brande speak while the fashion show takes place in the hall next door?” “We need to eat before the show, otherwise we will collapse on the catwalk.” “How is it going here?” “Let me introduce you to the sponsor.” “When will the lights be installed? We need to test the lights!” “May I have a lunch ticket?“ “The lights consume too much electricity. You cannot use them.” “Guys, the music is too loud. We cannot hear the speakers.” “We need to change, but there are too many men in here…” “The concert starts at 17:00 sharp.” “Would you please help me hand out the flowers to all contributors?” “What? You understand Belgians? You got further than I. I am still working on that!” “Where is Ilona?” “Who is staying where?” “I am not going to arrange the host families anymore in the future!” “We need to clear the room.” “We are not joining you for dinner.” “Shall we order a mix of dishes to share?” “It was nice meeting you. See you next time. Bye!” “Good night! See you tomorrow.”

It was a successful day with a lot of inspiration for the next time!
I hope someone will share their pictures.


  1. I have been quoted at least 3 times ;)

  2. OMG, now I have to guess who you are!

  3. me also 3 times, may be 4 :)

  4. Ok, the first commenter is not John. ;)


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