Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Writer's block

The whole day I was walking around in search for today's blog topic. Early afternoon I decided to finally share something very personal and almost tragic. Later in the afternoon my mood cleared and I decided to postpone that one (again).

Then I wanted to write about my quest for good blogs, but remembered that I blogged about (corporate) blogs in January and I think some time before that already. I don't want to be repetitive (not about blogs at least). I did an update of my list of frequent reads (right side of this blog), feel free to check it out and that's it on the topic.

In the evening, when I was cooking my dinner I thought I could write about how cleaning up my fridge mainly consists of throwing away ancient foods. But then I discovered that Arnon Grunberg blogged on that topic today (damn, have to go shopping again!). I'm no copycat of a famous writer, so no fridge post today. Maybe later, when I actually clean my fridge.

I thought about posting on things I like and dislike. I've been carrying that idea for ages now. I've even started with two little lists of 'like' and 'dislike' things. In the process I've realised this is too good of a topic to use for a writer's block cover-up. So I erased the lists and promised to myself to elaborate on that topic in the nearest future.

After all that I considered skipping a post, but reminded myself of my determination to write at least 23 posts a month. Skipping is not an option today.

And then I thought that I haven't shared a piece of music for quite some time already. So here we go: Високосный год (Visokosny god) - Лучшая песня о любви (The Best Song About Love) (I should dedicate a blog post to Russian music some time)


  1. Ha Sasja , i put your blog into my blog, that is a link on the rightside (in the bottom) of my blog....but mine is in dutch...just so u know;)


  2. @Milan You decided to blog every day? Very ambitious! ;)


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