Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I'm ill. Nothing serious, just a cold. Although it's nasty enough to prevent me from going to work (or doing anything at all). A friend came to visit me and brought me oranges. They are delicious, but I was a little disappointed there were no stickers on them. I was looking for a diamond black sticker with 'Maroc' written on it. When I was little we bought oranges in Moscow and those had the Maroc sticker on them. I get a little sentimental when I'm ill.

I was having my fifth orange just an hour ago when I came to realise something. You see, oranges were not available in Kiev or Saratov. We always bought them in Moscow. Oranges were not available in most other cities. This means that people who didn't travel to Moscow on a regular basis had never had an opportunity to get oranges. So there were people who never tasted an orange. I never realised this before. This seems very weird now... Were oranges widely available in Western Europe in the late seventies?

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