Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wheezing monster

There I am again, being rather quiet and otherwise producing weird sounds. People look terrified when they hear that for the first time. When they get used to the sounds they start laughing. In the past two days nearly everyone of my friends and colleagues has made a joke about it being so nice and quiet around now I have no voice. A friend called me on the phone and after three minutes of fruitless attempts to understand what I was trying to say he told me I should quit smoking right now. A colleague said it was unfair of me to spend the night before drinking and shouting because now my work has to suffer. Another colleague said he'd rather have me being quiet because the sounds I produce are too scary and make him want to go home. This pattern repeats itself two or three times a year. I'm so used to it, I can predict all the reactions and jokes up to the slightest detail. So teasing and pestering is not something I'm concerned with.

What I am worried about is my weight. I had to skip dancing on Sunday and if my throat will not get better, I'll have to skip another couple of evenings. And then I'll roll back to the horrible 60kg. I see myself as a fat wheezing monster. The trousers I bought this summer won't fit which is a complete disaster. Although I'll be able to wear the ones I bought last spring which would be nice. Anyway, I am concerned with my weight. AGAIN! I think I need more work or a new hobby that'll keep my head off my scales.

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