Monday, 30 August 2010


A conversation overheard at the reception of the municipality:
Woman (visitor): Hi! Ramadan moubarak.
Man at the reception: Ramadan moubarak!
Woman: Are you fasting?
Man: Yes. You?
Woman: No.
Awkward silence follows.

He: My friend sleeps the whole day during the Ramadan. What's the point in fasting if you sleep the whole day?
Me: Yes, what's the point anyway?
He: When you fast, you feel what poor and less fortunate feel when they have no food. If you sleep, you don't feel any hunger. So there's no point.
Me: OK.

I went to the Turkish grocery store around the corner and got myself a Ramadan schedule. They had it in two designs: green and brown. I got the green one because it looks prettier. It's on my fridge now all gold and shiny. I hope Allah is not angry at me now.
My Muslim friend looked at me while I was pinning the schedule to my fridge and said: "Yeah, that's how it all starts. And then, when you blow yourself up in the middle of a crowded salsa party, they'll blame me! Please, start cooking already, will you?"

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