Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I want this for my birthday:
It's a dumplings machine. Yes, a machine that makes dumplings. Pelmeni, to be precise. (Oh, and my birthday is next Friday, 6 of August.)

I have invited a friend for dinner tonight. "Today I will cook something you do like" - I promised. "Oh, yeah? What?" "Meatballs." "Oh yes, I like those!" I took some minced meat out of the freezer and suddenly felt a very strong craving for pelmeni. It's amazing that so many people can live without pelmeni. It's remarkable that I learned to survive without them. Actually, a freezer without pelmeni is worthless. Mine is stuffed with meat, fish, chopped parsley and pizzas. Plain wrong! I could fit about 30kg of pelmeni in there!

You can buy pelmeni in Russian shops. For that you have to live in a place where there is a Russian shop. Check. You have to go to the shop when it's open. That shouldn't be a problem. You have to go by car or by bike and have some isolation bags for frozen products. OK, fair enough. And then you have to be lucky they don't charge you EUR 15 per kg. Hmmm... I make pelmeni at home. At the moment I have all the ingredients, I just lack some four hours to actually make three or four hundred pieces. I also have to get rid of those pizzas to create place in my freezer. Heaven! Why can't I just walk to the supermarket around the corner and buy a pack of pelmeni to serve tonight?!

I have to introduce pelmeni on the Dutch market. Otherwise my life is not worth living. Where do I start?

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