Friday, 20 August 2010


I love big. (No, you don't think what I think you think, do you? That's cheap!) Big buildings. Big rooms. Big cars. Big airplanes. Big cities. Big sums of money. Big events. Anything!

You know, I was born in a big city at the largest river of Europe and up till the age of seventeen (almost) I lived in the largest country in the world.  Until I was fifteen years old I haven't really seen places smaller than one million inhabitants. Big is what I grew up with. My vision of the world has crimped considerably since I discovered Europe. Which is ok. Europe has big things too. Big cities. Large museums. Great nations. Huge airports. Ambitious projects (GOELRO-like). Great events.

Speaking of great events. Today I had an appointment in Amsterdam and a friend of mine suggested we'd go have a look at Sail Amsterdam afterwards. We were rather unprepared and missed the programmed activities, but we managed to have a peek at the ships at Het IJ.

OMG! This is an event of decent proportions: loads of boats and immense crowds of people. I loved to watch tall ships. Because they are big! Sailing is not really my dream (I'd rather stay ashore and not be sick), but those boats are awesome! I'd watch them for hours, but my friend pointed out that if we don't get going we will get stuck in a huge traffic jam. Obviously, he is not such a fan of big.

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