Sunday, 22 August 2010

Feminine energy

About a year ago I've come across a remarkable ad on the internet promising women to get them married in two months  time. The link led me to the website of the Female Club "I Want To Get Married". The club is nothing more than an enterprise of a lady who claims to know what a woman should do to get a man to propose. She wrote a book with practical advice and exercises (which she sells on the website). She also organises all kinds of trainings and courses on the topic. There is no way you can get me to pay for stuff like that, but I was curious enough (mainly because of the absurdity of the idea) to subscribe for the free newsletter.

Most of the advice given in the newsletter seems to make sense: don't be too focused on getting married, don't start talking about marriage and children on the first date, relax, wear flattering clothes, etc. Sometimes the 'Club' seems to lose it. That's when they tell you to add up all the letters of your birthday, divide the number by 3 and draw the result in red ink on your hip together with your zodiac sign. Or say some special words in some extinct language every night. Or eat only red food for seven weeks in a row. Luckily this kind of stuff doesn't appear in the newsletters too often.

Today I have received another issue of the newsletter. 'Alexandra, learn how to increase your feminine energy.' The idea is that if a man feels a strong (sexual) energy he will find a woman attractive regardless of age or looks and he will maintain that interest as long as he feels the energy. If there is no such energy no beauty will be able to keep a man focused on a (serious) relationship for more  than a couple of weeks. So far so good. There is a special training for that, but the president of the Club is generous enough to give away three tips for free.

Tip number one: stop wearing trousers and switch to skirts and dresses. Apparently skirts and dresses below the knee, especially wide models, give you more feminine energy. Hmmm, how about style and such?

Tip number two: before asking a man to do something for you (take out the garbage or buy you a diamond ring) give him a little bit of sexual energy. Unfortunately, the newsletter doesn't reveal how exactly you're supposed to do that. I think you have to take the course to find out.

Tip number three: when talking to men imagine that you have a second set of lips near your uterus and that you talk using your 'lower' lips instead of your 'upper' lips. What?! Ok, if you are a man, imagine a woman who's talking to you using her 'lower' lips. Have you pictured this? Now RUN!!!

I'm going dancing and I think I'll put on my pink dress. I haven't shaved my legs for nothing!
(Yes, exactly like this, but then pink.-->)


  1. As a guy, I have to say I think the idea of wearing only skirts and dresses is probably a good step when it comes to hooking a man. We don't like admitting it in public for fear of being deemed dinosaurs, but most of us much prefer women who dress as women.

  2. Sure, nothing wrong with the skirts. It's just, I always thought men liked short tight skirts and dresses as opposed to the below the knee wide ones. Also, judging by the reactions of the men around me - when I wear trousers I still do look like a woman. Well, men are misterious, difficult to understand creatures. ;)

  3. This is a subject I've just become aware of... the feminine energy thing... and I suddenly have answers to why I am nonexistent to men. Just since becoming aware, I've probably been subtly shifting my energy because suddenly men see me and talk to me. It's the strangest thing. But I really don't think I can take her advice. I am so uncomfortable in a dress it would probably outweigh whatever it's supposed to be accomplishing.

    As for tip #3... I don't know what to say about that, with either my upper or lower lips.

  4. @Off Script They say that about everything: if you don't love yourself, nobody can love you; if you don't have trust in yourself - no one will. It's probably the same about being feminine. If you consider yourself feminine, others will recognise it too.

    As for the dresses: buy a dress or two and wear them at home. Don't forget to look in the mirror often! :)


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