Thursday, 26 August 2010

Girl power?

Tonight I went to help a friend to put a door back on its hinges. She was renovating her apartment and wanted to have some doors painted anew. She though taking the doors off their hinges was a good idea. Painting was handy all right. It's just that putting the doors back appeared to be considerably less fun.

We didn't manage to arrange a man to help us tonight, so we ended up having a team of three ladies. First we had a dinner and a nice chat. 50 minutes. One of the old hinges was lost, so we put new
fittings on the door post. 30 minutes. Then we tried to put the door on. After 40 minutes trying we figured out that the old and the new parts don't fit together. We removed the old parts off the door (a challenge!) and put the new ones. 50 minutes. We then tried to put the door on again (10 minutes at most) only to discover that it still didn't fit. We'd have to move one of the fittings on the door post down by one millimetre. We didn't have the right instruments for that. Besides it was already too late. We decided to postpone that till next week.

There's just one little problem. This is the toilet door! And my friend will have her housewarming party next Saturday. We left the door hanging on one hinge so the guests can have an illusion of privacy.

I was biking home through the rainy night and thought that even though we haven't managed to fix the door today I still believe in the girl power!

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  1. hahaha nice! I like it!
    1 of the anonymous ladies ;)


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