Monday, 5 July 2010

Berry Delight

The maker of Banana Sensation has surprised us with a new dessert for this bbq season - Berry Delight. He didn't explicitly forbid to share the recipe this time, so here it is.

For two persons you'll need:
- 400ml of fresh fruit juice (with pulp) of your choice (berries work the best)
- a handful of blackberries
- a handful of blueberries
- 250g of strawberries
- 2 tablespoons of lemon sorbet
- a couple of redcurrant twigs for decoration

Put some blackberries and strawberries aside. Blend the rest of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries together with the juice until you get a smooth liquid substance. Cut the strawberries you put aside in halves. Put the berries in two bowls. Pour the berry-juice mixture over the berries. Add one spoon of lemon sorbet and a twig of redcurrant in each bowl. Serve.

Fast, simple, delicious!!!!

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