Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Today was definitely a bad day. I went through irritation, weariness, shock, disappointment and ended with desperation at about ten o'clock in the evening. Feeling helpless and miserable I sat behind my computer. Unable to do anything however insignificantly productive I was switching from my gmail to Facebook and back. Somewhere in the process I have discovered that aimless clicking works better in Windows explorer. My documents - click; My received files - click; mirskykh4165200609 (what is this?) - click; History (???) - click...

WOW! Is this what I think it is?! I couldn't believe my eyes. In front of me were xml files with all my MSN conversations from the past three years! Suddenly I felt a joy - a very welcome feeling for a change. This was also the moment when I realised there was a devil hidden inside me. Not that I'm an angel in everyday life, but I've never felt such a joy of being evil. The beast was just waiting for the right moment and now, when I was too tired to fight, it turned loose. The mean reckless creature was jumping around my room giggling and squeaking.

Among those conversations there is a couple that could help me to seriously disturb a couple of marriages and at least one career. Yes, men. Men who were not nice to me. Men who lied. Men who showed disrespect. The possibility of revenge as a sweet balm covered all the frustrations of the past day. It's not the first time I think of doing something nasty to someone. Usually these thoughts vanish after a couple of days because realisation of my plans would take too much effort. But this time it's easy. And my creativity kicked in. I've even scribbled down a few scenarios (list of actions, plans B and everything).

You may try to convince me to change my mind, but I don't think you'll succeed. I'll give a small (250ml) bottle of vodka for the best argument, though. Shoot!


  1. What would I win when encouraging you very well? ;-)


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