Sunday, 11 July 2010

Topics concerning feet

I did it again. Danced till 3:30 in the morning. My feet don't talk to me anymore. No heels till Tuesday evening. Foot baths, foot massages and sweet ointments. After 3:00 in the morning I started to fall off my feet. Literally. Was in bed by 5:00.

I can tell you DJ El Chino doesn't look Chinese at all. He looks like a nerd (because of his glasses). And that's because he is a nerd. I asked how he managed not to repeat songs when playing for 6 hours in the row together with two other DJs. "I remember them all" - he said. He is very sweet, though. Too bad he fell victim to some other East European beauty years ago.

No, I am not swept off my feet by El Chino (very close, though). I am just very disappointed in our football team.

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