Monday, 19 July 2010


He is not tall – when I wear heels we are about the same height. You certainly can’t call him handsome, but something in his face tells you he is very sweet. At first we never interacted. I’d see him every Friday. He is good. I watched him move his body and felt slightly sorry for myself. It will take me years to reach his level. After some time I started to greet him.

It took months before he asked me for the first time. And then, that first time I was stunned how nice his touch felt. His has very soft hands. But that softness can’t fool me: his hands are strong and secure. He knows what to do, knows how to do it and does it very well. His hands and arms are firm when he holds me, he keeps me close and he never lets me fail. It was pure pleasure to let him lead me. I never felt so much physical attraction right from the first time. I keep on coming for more.

He doesn’t look at me much, but when he does he smiles. I try to give him some extra eye candy by moving my body a little extra, but I’m never sure he sees that. He holds me very close for a while, I let his temple gently touch mine and can’t resist the temptation of closing my eyes for a few seconds. I wonder whether he closes his eyes too. Did he just stroke my back or is this just my imagination? This never lasts for long – just a few moments and then he lets me go again. He holds my right hand. Our fingertips touch. It’s not a usual way to hold hands, but we do it deliberately. At least I do. Does he? The next moment our palms are tight together with our fingers interweaved. He squeezes my hand. This is real, I didn’t dream this. I squeeze his hand and immediately let go. My heart skips when he places his hand just above my waist and lets me spin – I feel his soft touch around me.

I wonder: does he feel the same as I do? I left without saying good bye. As usual…

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