Friday, 2 July 2010


The temperature has reached above 25 degrees Celsius and they talk about heat. If the temperature stays above 25 degrees for five days in a row and of those five days at least three days have a temperature of 30 degrees or more then it's an official heat wave in the Netherlands. Come on! Get real! Our body temperature is way higher. Ok, this might be unusual for the Dutch climate, I get it. But it seems Dutch entirely has lost their ability to survive. Apparently 30 degrees is something to worry about. Authorities advise people to stay inside and warn to drink a lot of water. Do people really need a warning for that? If it's hot, what do you feel like doing? I speak for myself, of course, but drinking water is the first thing that comes to mind. Apparently that's not the case with many people. Anyway, Netherlands gets quite pathetic if the temperature goes beyond the range of 0 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius. It's remarkable though how I get annoyed by that every single time even after I lived here for 13 years.

I was bored in the bus and decided to make pictures of my jewellery to show off:
New earrings (bought at the artists' market in Kiev)

A year old ring (found in a shop in Utrecht)

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