Friday, 10 September 2010

Things I could do without

Let’s get is straight once and forever: except for the obvious stuff like air, water, food and sleep there are loads of things I can easily live without. At least for the short term.

No gas? Order a pizza. Or get a ready-prepared meal at the supermarket around the corner and heat it up in the microwave. I’ve lived in houses where there was no gas at all. Electrical stoves work for me.

Warm water? Just heat up a couple of large pans of water if you want to wash yourself. All the rest can be done with cold water. Been there. For most Ukrainians absence of warm running water is a reality for at least a couple of weeks each year.

No running water at all either cold or warm? Ah, that never lasts and if it does you will find a source of water soon enough. Fill up large plastic bottles, buckets and pans. And order pizza to save water on washing-up.

Electricity? Candles make playing cards, chatting or reading way more exciting. And if you have a laptop with a battery that you can load at work or at a friend’s place – life is perfect!

In fact, inhabitants of Sevastopol have proved it’s possible to survive even if there is no gas, water and electricity all at the same time!

Car? Public transport! Bicycle? Walk! Dishwasher? Washing machine? You have two hands, use them!
Even the phone is not something I couldn’t miss for a couple of days (did it last April – worked out fine).

One thing I really CAN’T do without is a computer with internet. There’s just no life without a computer! No working, banking and making invoices. No e-mailing, facebooking or blogging. No music, porn or computer games. No information. No nothing. You can take away almost everything, just please, don’t deprive me of my computer!

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  1. Download this movie...
    Into the wild!
    You"ll be impressed! You really do not need a computer :-)


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