Monday, 13 September 2010

The Divorce Day

15 September is the Divorce Day. Not a bad idea. I figured (dûh) divorced people do not have any wedding anniversaries to celebrate. And celebrating an anniversary of your divorce might be emotionally tricky. The Divorce Day is not connected to your divorce (unless you have bad luck and 15 September is the day when you actually got your divorce), but does offer an opportunity to mark your state somehow. Just like the Father’s or the Mother’s day.

You might argue that people who’ve never been married also have no wedding anniversaries to celebrate. So why should divorced people be compensated and not those who’d never been married? The answer is easy: divorced people had their wedding anniversaries, but lost that reason for a party after the divorce. You don’t need to get compensated for something you’ve never had.

This year the Divorce Day will be held for the first time and I see loads of commercial opportunities in the years to come: greeting cards, flowers, restaurant arrangements and special city tours. I’ve already started writing the business plan. In the meanwhile I consider gathering some of my divorced friends for a drink next Wednesday.

I haven´t posted any photos of myself for quite some time. Somehow that feels wrong. So here we go:

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