Monday, 13 September 2010

Flowchart to my heart

I did it. I’ve registered at a dating website. Yes. Seriously. ’ I do things, so you don’t have to’ (a nice blog, by the way).  Because I am a bit anxious to be found on a dating website, refuse to pay money for it and have some nerdiness hiding deep under the cover of cuteness I have found a site that is free and is made by nerds for nerds.

And yes, the site is nerdy enough, just as I like it. There are hundreds of questions you can answer. The answers help to compare you to the potential dates. The answers to questions that you marked as very important are also used to make a flowchart to your heart. A flowchart!!! Needless to say – I love the site.

So here it is: the flowchart to my heart. Besides the fact that I love the sight of it, it also reveals some interesting things about me. Apparently, if you are happy with your life you stand almost no chance to go on a date with me. Unless you brush your teeth twice or more a day. I have no desire whatsoever to have children with someone who brushes their teeth less often (according to the chart and is absolutely true).

I will eventually reveal the name of the website here, but first I’d like to play around undisturbed, please.

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