Sunday, 5 September 2010


My CD player doesn't want to play CDs anymore. I remember buying it. I'd bought a different CD player that had great sound and looked great as well. But in a couple of days I discovered it wouldn't play the CDs I brought from Kiev. Because most of my CDs come from Kiev, having a player that cannot play them equals to having no player at all. I brought the player back to the shop together with a CD it couldn't play. We were trying the CD on different players for half-an-hour until I'd finally made a choice and took a new CD player home with me.

It was faithfully playing all my CDs for years. Last year it started refusing some of the home-made CDs. Then some of the Kiev CDs. Then more of the Kiev CDs, even the legal ones. Although, the terms "legal" and "CD from Kiev" do seem to contradict. It now refuses to play the very same CD I used in the shop. I've just realised the thing is ten years old! Another anniversary? Time for a new CD player...

Didiulia - Magic Music

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