Friday, 2 April 2010

April Fools' Day

Neither my colleagues nor my co-travellers played any jokes on me today. I guess I was lucky. Even my friends didn't make a fool of me. Maybe they'd wanted to, but it was rather difficult. I might still discover who made such an attempt. The only one who really made a fool of me was my... cell phone! It fell out of the back pocket of my jeans. Who would do such a thing?! It didn´t get lost. It didn´t fall down on the pavement leaving one more mark on the screen. It slipped out of my pocket in the toilet and fell in the water. It was 12:30 - time for lunch. The rest of the day looked like this:
12:30 to 12:45 - taking the phone apart, trying to shake as much water out of the phone as possible and leaving it on the radiator to dry;
13:05 - checking the telephone;
14:30 - checking again, trying to switch it on - the phone switched on, but the screen refused to function, back on the radiator;
15:30 - checking again, the phone switches on with no sound and gives a black screen;
16:45 - putting the phone back in one piece, ready for the journey home;
17:15 - the phone switches on, shows it hasn't lost all the contacts, and diary, only slight memory loss - doesn't remember which picture I set as background, off again;
19:30 - the phone switches on, this time with sound! Doesn't stay on for long and restarts itself, on the radiator again.

The day was quiet and peaceful. Maybe I should switch off my phone more often...

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  1. Sasja,

    This happened to a friend of mine... Went to dive in the pool and realised a long time later the cellphone was in the back pocket... on the radiator for few days and then back to normal!!!! I wish you the same. Keep us posted!!


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