Saturday, 11 September 2010

Driving vs. dancing

Things keep on going wrong this dancing season. First I got a rejection from my salsa school: too many ladies for the lesson I want to attend. Well, I guess that means no lessons for me then. I could go to another school, maybe I’ll do that.

I tried to arrange for extra ballroom lessons, but there the problem with males is even greater. Because of the broken computer/car stress last week I forgot to show up at the dancing evening to meet my potential dance partner. Tonight he didn’t show up at the lesson. I dressed up and put make-up on for nothing. I hate that.

I did have a nice drive through the city, though. After that PT Cruiser accident I feel really happy every time I manage to drive somewhere and back without hitting anything. I also enjoy parking because I actually manage to park my car properly and it doesn´t take me twenty minutes. So when I came home from my unsuccessful attempt to score a dance partner I didn’t feel any irritation or disappointment.

Driving seems to be a nice substitute for dancing. And the good thing is: I don’t need a man for it!

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