Saturday, 25 September 2010

My first

I’ve got my first speeding ticket – yay! Ehm... Hmmmm.... I know it costs money, but still this first experience feels like an achievement rather than a disappointment. I have recalled some other first times trying to see whether I had a similar contradicting experience.

The first time I’ve visited the Household Fair felt like an achievement, but I think it doesn’t count because most visitors do not realise it’s very wrong to be there.

My first letter from the screening programme for cervical cancer felt like a sentence. “You’re officially not young anymore”.  Besides, I didn’t do anything for that, except for getting older.

At last I found an appropriate event to compare with my speeding ticket. I thought about my first hangover. I was nineteen and wanted to get drunk total loss just to experience that. I managed. I do remember being terribly sick and I do remember the horrible headache. I don’t remember feeling like a winner, though.

I think this speeding ticket is my first positive negative experience. I’ll hold on to it. :)

I think I shared this before, but now it seems appropriate: Tosca – My First

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  1. It took me a long time before i was not prood of them anymore....;)


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