Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Blonde in the traffic

Traffic lights. Need to be in the middle lane to turn left some fifty metres further. One car waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Lined up. Green. The car in front of me is not moving. Signal. No effect. Change lanes. Green. The car in the middle lane is still not moving. No emergency lights on. Someone signals from behind. No effect. I can’t help peeking in the car as I pass. The driver is a fairly young nice looking lady. Ignores the signals and the traffic light. Yes, blonde. For real. Chill? Forgot how to drive? Waiting for a pink light?

I am not blonde and such actions are not my style. But I am still a female AND inexperienced driver. Very lousy combination. On my list:
- making a U-turn where it’s physically impossible to turn and block the traffic in a very busy street;
- trying to change lanes on the highway (yes, very fast) and forgetting to look out for the car next to me;
- driving off with the handbrake on;
- driving at night without lights;
- stopping in a traffic jam and trying to move again with the reverse gear turned on (LOL).

More to come!

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