Friday, 3 September 2010

Эх, прокачу!

He: Have you ever received a car as a gift for your birthday?
Me: I have received half-a-car once.
He: Well, you're making progress.

Wow! A car for my birthday! It took us a few weeks to get all the formalities done and finally: today is the day! I am a car owner! It's the greenish blue Opel Corsa from 1994. You met before. :)

Today I've got a car insurance and a parking permit. Tomorrow I'm going to clean my baby inside out. Then I'll get a nice key ring for the keys. I'll compile a couple of CDs to listen in the car. I'll probably replace the windscreen in a couple of weeks (after I've carefully read the terms and conditions of my insurance). And next Tuesday I'll hit the road.

I am in need of driving experience, so I am determined to go by car EVERYWHERE. I'll travel to work starting from Tuesday. I'll do my groceries every second Friday. I'll pick up all my friends for dancing and bring them back home three times a week. I'll go visit friends all over the country and beyond. I'll be stuck in my car as long as it takes to get as comfortable driving it as it is riding a bike.

A free ride anyone?


  1. I'm in need of daily rides (weekdays) from the watchtower in Madurodam to the "Big Tits" near Babylon. RTD 08:35hr.

  2. @Crashtest Dummy How about Mondays and Fridays?


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