Monday, 12 April 2010

Where to start?

This morning I woke up with a heavy cold and decided to stay in. Well, I didn't really make this decision. My body made it for me. I stayed in bed almost the entire day, getting out only to make more tea and to eat more fruits. Usually when I'm sick and have to stay in bed, my head starts bugging me with all kinds of good ideas of things I could make. Once I'm recovered I never find the time to actually realise any of the projects. They just pile up in my head and bother me all the time. At the moment the pile of projects looks like this:
  • write a novel;
  • make a lamp with kitchen equipment;
  • make new curtains for the dining room and the bedroom;
  • knit a cardigan (I have three designs in my head);
  • film my "Dear Edith" scenario;
  • finally convert my mother's tea spoons into rings (it's a weird project, but I love the idea);
  • do something creative about liveability of my living room;
  • learn baking and make yummy things every two weeks;
  • make those thin bracelets of silver coloured beads and different colours cotton cord before they get out of fashion;
  • convert my IKEA lamps into something more original;
  • replace buttons of my red blouse with coins and start wearing the blouse again.
Today I did my best not to get a new idea on this list. And I think I need to develop more discipline and actually realise the projects. I need to choose one, start doing it and finish it. But which one? Help!

I've made a poll and would be grateful for your help!


  1. I have the same, but instead of when I'm sick it's when I am home alone for a couple of days

  2. Hi Sasha, I voted for the buttons because that's what I would do first... sounds easy enough to do to get started with... it will give you an immediate and rewarding sense of achievement which will keep you going ;-)
    P.S.1. What is your "My dear Edith" scenario? I'm intrigued ;-)
    P.S.2. I really like your idea of making rings out of tea spoons

  3. The book is ready: just publish this blog :-)


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