Saturday, 17 April 2010


Tonight we had dinner at the "authentic medieval" restaurant Rozengrals. Besides the great atmosphere I was impressed by the food and Vovka by the waitress. He had quite a busy evening. So did she.

"Is this real medieval food?" "Yes." "What if my stomach can't take it?" "We will throw you into the well."
"How do you serve the hare?" "You'll get either the front or the back."
"Did you shoot this pigeon yourself?" "No, it comes from France." "Flying?"

Nearly two-and-a-half hours later after eating way too much, paying a lot and making loads of pictures we finally left the place. "Diana is a nice name. Too bad her family name sounds so stupid." "Never mind that. She'll change that when you marry her."

The girl has made such a deep impression on him that he forgot to give her a tip! ;)

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