Sunday, 4 April 2010


One of my strong points (according to myself) is the ability to make decisions. When a decision has to be made, I have no problem making one. I also accept all the implications of my decision.  No dwelling on 'if I'd only', just take a note for the future and move on.

Yesterday I made a decision. I decided I needed a new phone. My Nokia has been playing tricks on me even before the swim. Now after drying I have no faith it would ever recover completely. So I made a decision - a new plan + a new phone. So let me introduce my new cell phone - iPhone 3GS.

And I fully accept the implications of my decision. So I am not going to complain that I have to get used to a new piece of hardware with new software. I am not going to nag about having to copy all the contacts from my old heavily disabled phone. I am not going to annoy you with stories about how much it sucks to fill in the diary again or how much work it is to do the music fix. I'll take a deep breath and suffer through these tough times because they are an inevitable side effect of my decision.

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