Friday, 9 April 2010


Sun. It's not just a sunny day today. It's a spring sunny day that reminds us that summer is on its way. We are not even in the middle of April yet, but the weather already plays some kind of a promotional trailer. Coming soon! In theatres near you! 

Anyway, something in the air this morning reminded me of my days in secondary school. I hated school, but on such a morning I left home in anticipation of the afternoon when the school goes out and I can walk on the street without putting my jacket on. We had a uniform - a brown dress and a black apron for girls, a brown suit and a plain shirt for boys. When the weather became warmer, boys could just take off their jackets and later, in May they could put on shirts with short sleeves. But that didn't apply to girls. We couldn't take off anything. So in May, when the thermometer started showing above 20 degrees Celsius we were allowed to wear something else. School without uniform!!!!! Yooohoo!!!!  The anticipation of those couple of uniformless weeks made me cheer up already in April.

It's twenty one years ago that I've worn my brown school uniform dress for the last time, but on days like today I still get the feeling of that approaching freedom.

We were allowed to wear something else than uniform, but if I'd had shown up like this it would have been a very big issue. ;)

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