Thursday, 15 April 2010


Last time I went to Riga was in 1990. I was about to turn sixteen. We still lived in the Soviet Union. Visiting Latvia from Ukraine was no more hassle than going from South Holland to Limburg. My mother, a friend of her and I went on an organised all-in tour to Latvia. By the way, after that trip I decided that was the last time I went on an organised group tour anywhere.

Riga was a one-day stop in the beginning of the trip. We had a guided tour around the city. I don't remember much. Roosters atop of the churches. Something with the largest organ. Very nice people. Amber. Rigas Balzams (I'm afraid we'll come back loaded with bottles).

I'm sure Riga has changed a lot in the past twenty years. I have a couple of days to find out. One thing hasn't changed – people are still very friendly.

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