Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Here we go: the poll on whether or not I should get rid of my accent is closed now. Remarcably enough more people voted in my hair poll than in my accent poll. Apparently hair is more fun to vote on. But unlike in the case of my hair this time I’m actually going to follow your advice. So if you haven’t voted you missed the chance to directly influence my life! That’ll teach you!

Great thank you to the 18 voters! 14 of them said I should keep my accent. I think nearly half of them are Russian speaking friends who have the same accent. ;) But that’s ok. Following advice of the people with similar experience is not such a crazy idea. 4 people think I should get rid of my accent. And I am very curious of their reasons. Do they agree with me or do they have different reasons. Please, if you have voted “Yes” leave an (anonimous) explanatory comment under this post. Please!? If I see some good reasons in the comments I might reconsider, but for now I decided to keep my accent.

Tomorrow will be a busy and exciting day. I will have the stitches removed off my back. I will go to the hairdresser. I will have another speed dating event. And I will have a dance lesson and some more dancing in the evening. I’ll keep you posted.

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