Thursday, 24 December 2009

Answer to Life, Universe and Everything

The snow in The Hague is melting, but Utrecht is still covered by a thick layer of real snow. In the morning the fields along the railway from The Hague to Utrecht are very often covered with mist. Mist in combination with snow changes the landscape so much, you might believe you are in a different time or at least in a different country. Snow has this ability to change things, to cover details be it dirt or insane order. That leaves you with the essence and lets you see what’s important. The farms along the railway looked very familiar this morning. It’s not because I’ve seen them out of the train window so many times. But they remind me of my childhood, a train journey from Kiev to Moscow or from Moscow to Saratov, even though the sterile order of Dutch farms has nothing to do with the reckless chaos of Russian rural landscapes. The snow makes them equal somehow. I’ve been complaining about the snow in the past few days, but I must admit I miss real snow a lot.

Thanks to all the voters (slightly less than yesterday) for helping me define the age of Richard. I was a little worried this afternoon because all ages had an even amount of votes. Fortunately someone has showed up tonight and made the decisive vote – Richard is 41. The answer to Life, Universe and Everything. Ok, not. But very close. Let’s hope his midlife crisis is (almost) over. I think voting on every detail about my imaginary boyfriend will become annoying very soon. Besides, it’s my man after all so I will decide for myself. But there is one more thing I would like you to vote on: the city Richard lives in. After you’ve done that I will complete the portrait. Thank you for your help! I mean it.

I received a Christmas present at work today – a €50 Douglas gift card. I’m going to buy myself a new perfume. Suggestions?


  1. good morning :)
    Madame and Parisiene by Yves Saint Laurent ( YSL)

  2. Madame is too strong, but tastes differ.

  3. I miss a city, I think your man should be from Monster :P


  4. @Sotiris Thanks a lot, I'll definitely check them out!

    @Anonimous I usually don't wear strong parfumes, but you never know. :)

    @J. Too late, people have already voted, I can't change the poll anymore.

  5. Is there a city in world that mixed The Hague( international ) and Brussels ( culinary) ?

  6. @Sotiris Paris? But's that's too far. I'm not open to a long distance relationship.

  7. @Sasha
    Dear Sasha I dare to say that Brussels has better culinary than Paris.

  8. @Sotiris Brussels is also way more international than The Hague.

  9. @Sasja
    On weekend Brussels is an empty city instead of The Hague,IMHO.

  10. @Sotiris As I said earlier - I'm not open to a long distance relationship. That's why NY is not on the list.

  11. @Sasja
    NY is not an ideal place for a couple.Trust me .
    Live where you feel good with your partner.Life is too short to looking for an ideal place with your ideal partner .
    The Hague is a nice place to live there.Not an ideal but a nice place to live.Too close by the sea.


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