Thursday, 17 December 2009

Value meal

My dinner consisted of a Burger King “value meal” which I ate on the train. I don’t come to Burger King often, but every time I do I get a confirmation that Burger King has very strict selection criteria for their personnel. The most important quality of a BK staff member is the ability to be slow. Very slow. I mean – really slow. Without that quality – don’t bother to apply. Additional criteria are: not being able to count (or let the cash register count for you), not being able to remember anything that’s not on the receipt (things like extra tissues or a take-away bag), ability to forget things that are on the receipt and absolute inability think straight. The personnel department of the BK must be working overtime to enable such a thorough selection process.

I am stitch free now! Yay!!! I haven’t seen my scar yet – too exhausted after a busy day and four hours of dancing.

My hair looks fine. The only one who noticed that my hair changed, was Remie. (Yes. And no.)


  1. Always in a hurry :-)
    Take your time when you visit a restaurant with a *

  2. I know what you mean about Burger King. It's terrible... Unfortunately, I'm addicted to the chilly cheese nuggets.


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