Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas cards

I love the internet. We met in 1995 and we’ve been together ever since. It was love at first sight. I love what we have together: support, trust, challenge. It’s a very demanding relationship too. Sometimes I have to be strong and resist. It’s not always easy. And I am giving in bit by bit. I love music on CDs but I download it nowadays. I love using dictionaries in print, but I end up with Google translate more and more often. There are some things I still keep for myself, though. Christmas cards is one of those things. Whatever happens – my Christmas cards reach their recipients by snail mail in a paper envelope.

I just wanted to say that I’m traditional in this respect (just like in dating), but I’m not sure about it. I started sending Christmas cards to family and friends twelve years ago, when I came to the Netherlands. I just go along with this Christmas greetings fever every year. Address lists, post stamps, envelopes. What I just don’t remember doing, is going to a shop and buying a box (or several boxes) of postcards to send to all the people on my list. No matter how beautiful, shiny or cheap the cards in the shops are, I’m never tempted to buy any of them.

Instead of going an easy way, buying postcards, signing them, putting stamps and address stickers, and sending the bunch away (which would take a couple of hours already), I tend to make a project out of it. I tend to enjoy the whole happening only if I can make my own Christmas cards. It always involves cutting, gluing or stencilling. Maybe do something with a photo. It takes me days to think up a design, buy the necessary materials and make the cards. It brings stress too. Like today. When I couldn’t buy what I needed.

This is the first time I’ll be sending Christmas cards signed by only one person – me. It feels a little weird. It’s a new experience. I thought I’ve built my life here already, but it in many aspects it seems I’m only starting...

I have a very nice idea for my cards this year. I hope everyone likes them!

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