Friday, 18 December 2009


It was 20:00 when I came home from work. I’ve worked six hours today. And I’ve spent another six hours travelling from The Hague to Houten and back.

“Attention! Due to the weather conditions* there are less trains** available in all directions.”
* Snow in the middle of December.
** About 90% less trains.

I’ve spent about forty minutes waiting for the bus. That’s instead of the usual two minutes.

People at work were comparing how much time they’d spent getting to work this morning. It looked like a competition. I won. Not only I spent almost three hours getting to work. I also fell off my bike three (!) times because the road was covered with melted snow. It was very stupid to go by bike anyway, but what upsets me most is that I was the only one falling. Other people didn’t seem to have this problem. You can clearly see I ‘m not Dutch. I have come a long way when it comes to mastering a bike, but there are things I’ll never be able to do. Biking over melted snow is definitely one of them.

Snowy landscape outside the train window

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