Sunday, 3 April 2011

Trust in mankind

Tea, shower, dressing up, make up, jewellery, button up the jacket, grab the bag, tie my newspaper to the luggage carrier on my bike. Go!

Find a place in the bicycle parking lot, lock, run, validate the ticket, line up for tea and breakfast, get annoyed by the slow service, finally get my tea and croissants plus three minutes to get a place in the train – perfect timing.

Oh no! My newspaper! It´s still tied to my bike…

I head for the train collecting a free newspaper on my way. I feel like a loser and in my mind I draw pictures of someone in the bicycle lot picking up my quality newspaper and reading it thoroughly on their way to work.

In the evening, on my way to the bicycle parking a wave of bitter regret suddenly catches me. I will not be able to enjoy my newspaper even in the evening. “Get over it!” – I tell myself while I approach my bike.

Heaven! This is shocking! My heart leaps in joy: the newspaper is still there!  Happy I rush home, throw myself on the couch without even taking my shoes and coat off and start reading.

My trust in mankind has received an enormous boost. How shall I use it? Leave my bike unlocked?

Spoon – I turn My Camera On

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