Monday, 18 April 2011

The bus

I was lucky - the driver waited for me when he saw me running towards the bus – plus points!

He was driving fast (to catch up the time he spent waiting for me?), but took a couple of sharp turns shaking all the passengers off their seats – minus points.

He didn’t spend time unnecessarily stopping; he was fast just as we all needed him to be – plus points.

We came in a traffic jam and he was almost running over the car in front of us; no safe distance – minus points.

He took a slightly different route to avoid yet another traffic jam – plus points.

He then neglected to stop for a woman waiting at the bus stop – minus points.

He took sharp turns, was suddenly braking all the time, bumped against the curbs as he didn’t care, didn’t keep safe distance and I felt sick and unsafe all the way – minus, minus, minus points.

Maybe I wasn’t that lucky he’d waited for me...

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