Friday, 15 April 2011

I wouldn't like

I stumbled upon this writing prompt: write one leaf in the form of a list of things you never want to do. It’s quite an original idea, because usually we tend to name all kinds of things we like: things we want to do before we die, favourite reads, favourite music, favourite food. Have you ever tried to answer those ‘favourite’ questions? Did you think it was difficult to pick out just one favourite? Right.

I decided to make a list of things I wouldn’t like to do. Trust me, that’s much more difficult. But I took the time to think up some.

Things I’d never want to do:
Bungee jump.
Kill a person.
Eat insects.
Fight in a war.
Sail around the world on my own.
Use a gun.
Use drugs.
Commit suicide.
Get breasts implants.

What’s your ‘wouldn’t like to do’ list? Is it much longer?

This suits my mood: Maria Solheim - Ocean Needs Water (please be patient with a few seconds intro)

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  1. My list is similar to yours plus I would never steal from someone and seduce a married man:)!


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