Friday, 22 April 2011

The new business era

The E-Commerce Days in Utrecht held past Tuesday and Wednesday got me seriously confused. What do you see most if you pay a visit to the E-Commerce Days? ...? ...? Paper! Eeeeuh, what does that E stand for? The new era of making business has not started yet. Not if you judge by the exhibitors of the E-Commerce Days.

So it’s paper. It’s loads of folders, flyers and leaflets. Why on Earth would I as a potential customer be prepared to carry a ton of paper around the event whole day long? How big are the odds that I actually will read any of that? Why would I, if all the information I might need is available online?

Another puzzling fact is that all that paper has quite similar layout and text. If I stood in front of a booth it took me on average twenty seconds to determine what an exhibitor’s business was. Almost all exhibitors did their best to blend in. Instead of stand out. Interesting marketing move. I must admit, they were all very successful. Along with paper half of the stands had a coffee bar. This might have been an original idea a couple of years ago, but anno 2011 it does not work anymore.

They also had pens and paper note books with black covers. There are still people who use a pen to make notes in a paper note book. Even I have a paper note book. Not that I write in it a lot. I just like it cause it’s pretty. Does anyone in their right mind would seriously think I would like to own a half-a-kilo black object that has no purpose, looks ugly and does not fit into my bag? What kind of logic is that? One guy offered me a calculator. I asked whether it was possible to make phone calls and search the internet with it. Another company had caps with their logo on them. Who’d want to wear such a thing?!

Dear #ded2011 exhibitors, could you please explain to me why you spend money on stuff that’s useless, ugly and not original instead of coming up with something different, fancy and maybe even useful?

There was just one pen that I liked and took home with me. Hmmm.


  1. Assume someone would stand out with a briljant idea! Would he dare not to trust it to paper?
    The bank, customers, but the taxpeople above all would most likely consider it highly suspicous!

  2. @L

    Paper as a way of presentation during a business fair is outdated. Nobody reads the boring leaflets anymore.


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