Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Remember the Jehovah's Witnesses that paid me a very brief visit in February? It seems they stopped by last weekend again to drop a little leaflet in my mail box. It’s an invitation for a celebration of Christ’s death (!) and a special biblical lecture on how the Bible can help to solve modern problems. Now I’ve got several issues with this invitation.

Issue one: I have two NO-NO stickers on my door indicating I don’t want to receive any unaddressed advertising, but that didn’t stop the witnesses. Usually I take the effort to complain to the advertiser, but the booklet doesn’t give any contact information other than: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania + a .org website address. I’m sure Americans don’t know anything about our NO-NO stickers but I sure can threaten them with a law suit, can’t I?

Issue two: the leaflet is in Russian. How do they know I can read that?! Did they dig up my personal data somewhere? I am sure I did not authorise anyone to provide this kind of information about me to Jehovah’s Whitnesses. And again, without any contact information in the Netherlands whom do I hand down to the Dutch Data Protection Authority?

Issue three: what if they claim to have received my personal data from the Lord himself? God sees and knows everything, right? How will Dutch court react to such an argument? And what if that’s true? Then I’d better go to the meeting.

Ideas anyone?

Found here. There’s more.

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