Saturday, 16 April 2011

Garden shopping

I’ve been spending money on garden plants again. I’ve discovered shopping for plants can be as rewarding as shopping for clothes. I’ve also ordered the grass for the garden. Next weekend I can pick it up at the garden centre and put it in my garden – extremely exciting. I am looking forward to the next weekend!

In the meanwhile I wonder why people buy plastic mock-ups of small dry tree branches. Or lime coloured bird house with a fake bird in it. Do they realise that pretty little pink and purple bottles hanging in the trees in their garden will not look pretty after they are filled with rain water and dead insects? And what to do with pillows decorated with brightly coloured shells and plastic flowers? Oh, by the way, if you live in The Hague I’d recommend looking out of your window. Seeing Ringnecked Parakeets in the nearest tree might stop you from buying one for €50.

New discovery: Freshlyground - Fire Is Low

1 comment:

  1. Great clapping... reminds me of: Get five!
    Saw them on Saturday when you were grass shopping.


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