Monday, 18 October 2010


It’s been three years since I had a decent vacation for the last time. My definition of a decent vacation is going to some country I’ve never been before and travel all around it visiting as many places as possible in the shortest possible period of time. I like to exhaust myself visiting the sights, exploring the cities, ‘hunting’ for food and watching people. I like to see the differences. I like to get familiar with places. I like to go shopping discovering some unfamiliar shops. I like to buy jewellery.

One day several years ago I was suddenly struck by the idea that I wear jeans from Italy, shoes and underwear from Belgium, a sweater from Portugal, a jacket and a necklace from Kiev and a ring from Spain. But lately more and more of my wardrobe is from the Netherlands or from Kiev. I do some shopping in Brussels every once in a while and I did manage to bring some stuff from Riga earlier this year. But my country list is still three countries too short and the international element is disappearing from my wardrobe. This needs fixing!

I urgently need a plan on how to generate extra income enough to pay a vacation to three new countries plus shopping. #challenge


  1. I suggest you talk to Fabian :)

  2. when you go to the countries where I come often then you do not need to generate extra income :-)


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