Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Best Face

Remember this article? Some time ago a friend posted the link to my wall. According to the research of the dating website OkCupid iPhone users seem to be more attractive and even have more sex. Well, guess what? OkCupid is the dating website I've joined a month ago. I came there not so much for dating, but rather for adventure and inspiration. I didn't rule out the possibility of meeting someone special, but was rather attracted to the shiny stuff. Like the flowchart to my heart. Or the photo research.

Yes, the photo reasearch. I have submitted my photos to be judged by random men who use OkCupid. Interesting results. My best photo is the one of me in my Dr.House t-shirt taken in my bedroom. Somehow most vegetarians find it very attractive. What's the link? Dr. House is not vegetarian as far as I can recall. The picture of me that you can see on the right side of this blog is less popular. Although, it is more popular among children between 18 and 22! The picture of me in Riga, trying to picture Vovka with my iPhone seems to be the least successfull. The only people who appreaciate it are artists, deviants, dorks, geeks and liberals. Maybe I should remove it from my profile. You can see the full report here. And if you are curious how your own photo's would score - you know where to go.

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