Monday, 11 October 2010

A new coat

I need a new coat. I love shopping, I really do. But there are two things that don't make me cheer if I have to buy them: shoes and coats. The shoes have to fit well, otherwise the feet will hurt. And then they also have to combine well with various outfits which of course is a great challenge given the amount and the diversity of the outfits I can pull out of my closet. It's nearly the same for coats. A coat has to look nice and be comfortable and practical at the same time. And it has to combine with different types of shoes which makes the challenge even greater.

Tempted by the sunny weather I went downtown for a walk. The shops are open, why not have a look at coats? I went into three shops that sell coats and tried one coat on. I came home with a bag of 75 tea-lights, two aroma candles, incence sticks, two mascaras, loads of perfume samples, new pyjamas (which I probably will not use as pyjamas) and a toothbrush. No coat.

Another try next weekend?

Another discovery: Revolver – Get Around Town

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