Friday, 8 October 2010

Magic road

The mist again. Up until now I've only experienced it looking out of the train window. Every time I was admiring the fields covered with a blanket of mist with cows slowly swimming in this strange substance. Today I was in the car. No cows - cars. And trees along the road. And giant wind turbines (or rather their feet).

I was admiring the view. I had enough time for that in the huge traffic jam this morning. I looked at the cars disappearing behind the mist curtains. What's behind that turn? A misterious dark tunnel with green lights and strange sounds? Will the road turn into river and cars into boats? It will be quiet and the silense will be disturbed by the sounds coming from strange birds flying around in circles, curious about the boats. I imagined a magical forest with giant trees and exotic flowers. I saw misterious landscapes.

I know the road by heart, but the mist makes it very easy to believe I don't know what lies ahead. Amazing!

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