Wednesday, 20 October 2010


“She came in this morning and asked where J. was. I told her he’d come in later as usual and she said ‘Pff’.”
“What?! Did she say ‘Pff’?!”
“Yes!!! I don’t trust her.”
We have a new colleague and it seems she’ll have a tough time getting accepted.

I have mixed feelings about the concept of being accepted by a group. I didn´t feel accepted when I was a kid. And it always felt terrible. But somehow I never did anything to change that.

Later, when I grew older I found myself perfectly accepted by the groups I wanted to belong to. I didn´t have to do anything for that, I just fitted in well. I also grew to realise that changing yourself for the sake of being accepted is just not worth it.

I could say I don´t care much whether I am accepted or not. But now I think it´s not true. Because when I heard that conversation about the new colleague, I felt the warmth from being a part of the group. Although, sometimes I do wonder what they say about me when I am not around. ;)

You’ve heard this some weeks ago here, but it’s too relevant to skip. So now the video: Gabriel Rios – The Boy Outside


  1. When you are "in it", whatever it is, you have accepted it and it has accepted you, whatever you are!
    Amel ;-)

  2. I beg your pardon: "whoever" you are

  3. @Amel Good point about accepting 'it'. Maybe I didn't accept my environment when I was a kid?


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