Tuesday, 5 October 2010

5 euro

I found five euro on the street today. I was walking, looked down and saw it lying on the pavement. There was nobody around, I took the banknote, put it in my bag and went on. It's not a great amount to start jumping around in joy, but great enough to have a nice feeling about it.

It's been a long time sinse I'd found money for the last time. There are all kinds of explanations for that. I don't walk so much. I don't consider coins of less than one euro to be money. I don't look and hope to find any. Anyway, I've forgotten how it feels. So I was 'listening' to the feeling.

To me finding money feels more or less like getting money for my birthday, or receiving a tax refund - free money (although in the latter case not really, but still feels that way). I don't know how you treat this kind of money, I usually tend to spend it for a little extra. I imagine what I could do with that amount of money. I come up with three or four things that fit in that 'budget'. Then I try to choose one. And finally I end up buing at least two or even all of them. Thus, I tend to spend my free money several times which is physically impossible. Meaning: free money make my life more expensive.

Maybe I should just drop the 5 euro banknote on the street next time I go outside. That might save me five or even ten euro.

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